Performance & Wellbeing

The Resilience Adventure



Learn how to engage with adversity, sustain your performance, and triumph in all aspects of your work & life!

In The Resilience Adventure you'll learn:

1. Scientifically-verified reasons why the majority of people fail to maintain self-discipline and the 'mental hacks' you can use to overcome them
2. Quick, simple daily practices to help you overcome your self-limiting thought processes and cultivate a deranged sense of self-belief
3. My unique methods (based on cutting-edge psychological research) to determine your personal emotional profile and use that insight to manage anger, depression, anxiety and more
4. How to create a fulfilling life mission based on your deepest values and develop the inner strength to see it through rain or shine
5. The secrets to developing a resilient mindset and maintaining it throughout the rest of your life
6. The psychological systems that multi-million dollar companies pay me to teach to their employees

You’ve experienced Basecamp and Camp Readiness, why not release your inner adventurer and activate your resilient work and lifestyle.

  • Welcome to Camp Acceptance
  • Meet the Voices!
  • Be Your Shadow
  • How To Be Your Own BFF!
  • The Healing Power of Touch
  • Equipment Checklist!
  • Camp Insight: Resilience & the Language & Expression of Emotion
  • The New Science of Emotion
  • Emotional Mindfulness
  • Kick the Cat or Blame Others: How to Choose Healthier Defenses
  • Camp Intention: Know Yourself & Be Yourself
  • Identifying Your Values
  • Resilience & BE-coming Brand Aware
  • Mining Your Experience & Creating a PoWa Intention
  • The Big Why!
  • Check Your Equipment
  • Camp Committed Action
  • The Five Types of Committed Action
  • Hitting the Bulls Eye: Your Commitment to be Resilient
  • Adventure Summit. You Are a Resilience Bad Ass
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed